Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Os Filhos da Pauta

Personally, I hate hated Carnival in Brazil. I don't didn't like the samba schools, the parades, the parties. The exception are the traditions in Recife and Olinda, but I think these are interesting and that's it.
But friends can convince us of doing unexpected things. This is how I ended up at a party organized by the Journalists Union, in Santos. It was on the beach (not my cup of tea either) and I still had lots of fun. Of course, this has nothing to do with the music they played there.
It was just really good to meet friends from college. It's been four years since I graduated and I haven't seen most of them during this time. It was so nice hearing the stories and knowing what they are doing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New flat

Lately, I'm reading magazines and checking websites about construction and decoration. Very soon, I'll choose what I want to get for my new flat. It's pretty exciting and such a big step. At least the bureaucratic part is all solved.
During some time, I thought I should be happier about this. But as moving time approaches, I think more and more about it.
I wanna go shopping for sinks and taps and tiles!